I was scheduled to judge a "Halloween Underwear Contest", but the club owner gave the promoter, Sean Masters, the green light to let the party get as risque as he wanted...The party lasted till 3 am with reports of a former candidate for San Francisco Supervisor naked on the stairway and full on sex going on upstairs!
Okay, so this is second-hand, so somebody could have just mistaken some regular naked guy for a former board candidate. On the other hand, saying 'a former candidate' doesn't necessarily rule out a candidate who won, even if it's contrary to the implication. And it's not the fact that someone with political ambitions is gay that intrigues us (hell, it would probably help their chances in this town) -- it's that someone with political ambitions might be hanging out naked at a Raging Stallion party! That's what we like to call getting in touch with your constituents.

So who do you think it might have been? Were you at Club Ei8ht last Friday, and did you see any naked guys gladhanding (for votes, anyway)? Are you the raging stallion in question? Email us with your guess, sighting or admission, and well update the post with the best response at the end of the day!

Update: Well, our server nearly crashed due to the flood of responses. Okay, kidding -- apparently our readership doesn't include obscure board candidates who attend gay porn parties at Folsom street clubs. Best we could narrow it down to was somebody who ran in District 5, which means 5% of The City's population. Robert Haaland, Phoenix Streets, Michael O'Connor and Tys Sniffen all got mentions -- and we're not sure if any of them are actually gay. The "You Also Say" award goes to the vote for Rose Tsai, who's not even a man.

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