So you've gone through the wonderful experience of wearing hideous clothes, you set up your nursery full of cute things, and birthed your child. After a number of weeks of serious sleep deprivation and general insanity (piss off, Tom Cruise) you might want to start getting out of the house. But where does one go with a baby? We've come up with a list based on our own experiences.

Feel like you will never see another movie again? Fear no more, for the Sony Metreon offers Reel Moms, a showing especially for moms and their babies. A current release is featured every Tuesday at 11 am. They crank up the sound and don't turn the lights down all the way, so you can see well enough to stick a boob or bottle into your little bundle of joy's screaming maw. It's only offered for the under-one set, so enjoy it while you can. Expect lots of crying and aisle-rocking. The coolest part is that no one cares a bit if your baby screams in protest through the whole showing. Hell, we didn't care for either.

SFist Amanda, contributing

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