SF Anglophiles, take those cozies off your pot of Lovejoy's tearoom blend -- Prince Charles and Princess Camilla (recently upgraded from "the Rottweiler" to the more august-sounding "Duchess of Cornwall") have announced the West Coast itinerary for their first joint official royal tour, of those rebellious American states.

While in SF over next weekend, Charles and Camilla are scheduled to: visit a farmers' market to learn about organic produce; give speeches about the environment; dine at the DeYoung with our own crown prince, the Viscount Gavin of Marina, and -- but of course! -- go see Beach Blanket Babylon. (We're sure their original first choice was the Buffy musical -- curse you, Fox!)

This gives us a great idea -- hey Londonist! Any chance we could get some acerb commentary on the royals for us, in exchange for a post for you about your hereditary fox hunters trying to sneak into Trannyshack? Let us know!