We have the latest and hottest political news today, coming to you from the best place to get the hottest California political news, the gossip pages. Which raises this interesting question: for those of us who read celebrity news to get away from politics, where do we go when politics become part of the gossip pages? And will all of this mean that we should start watching "Extra!" to get the lastest news on the Plame indictments? Anyways, in Monday's edition of the Examiner’s "The Scoop," there is a blurb about Entertainment Weekly saying that Warren Beatty "has been telling anyone who will listen that he plans to unseat Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger." And Cindy Adams writes in her Page Six column in the New York Post that the Governator is so pissed about the President poaching off his Republican money men, which he did last week and which the Governor was once again a very conspicuous no show, that he basically told the White House off and is threatening to become a Democrat over the whole thing.

In election news, the polls are all over the place and nobody quite knows what's going on. Which kind of sums everything up. Take this news that slowly dribbled out of Arnie's big town hall meeting that was broadcast Monday Night on KTVU (and no, SFist did not actually watch the event as we were too busy watching Monday Night Football-- we had money on the game).

Image from ArnoldsNeighborhod.com, via the Huffington Post