We love it when our commenters get involved in local affairs! We were so proud when we first noticed a commenter had gotten a letter to the editor published. We wonder if another one of our commenters just might be SF's own Keyser Soze. And another one of our commenters (who never, ever, brings his B-game to work), we understand, has an important role in city government somewhere. But we've never, ever, had a commenter run for higher office before!

That's right, faithful commenter and contest-enterer Anthony Faber has thrown his hat in the ring for the SF assessor-recorder's race! Dude, if we were giving away the assessor-recorder position in an SFist contest, antfaber would have a lock on it!

So, as his campaign email triumphantly announces: WRITE IN ANTHONY FABER FOR ASSESSOR-RECORDER: HE IS NONE OF THE ABOVE. Run, antfaber, run! Run, antfaber, run!