While Schwarzenegger's political poll numbers are still down, there is one poll in which he is doing very well. Turns out, Arnie is Ubersexy! According to Men's Vogue, Arnie is the Fifth Ubersexiest man in the world, making him ubersexier than Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan, but not as ubersexy as George Clooney, #1 Ubersexiest male Bono, or Donald Trump (blogga, please). Not on the list was Rush Limbaugh, who has been whining about it ever since.

As for his propositions in the Very Special Election, we turn to the Prop. 77, the redistricting initiative, because if politics make for strange bedfellows, this one is causing TomKat-like couplings. Besides the support of Mr. Campaign Reform himself, John McCain, the initiative got the support of well-known political reform organization, Common Cause. Well, sort of. Seems there was a bit of a disagreement over supporting it, and it's rumored several board members threatened to resign in protest of aligning with a politician whose pro-business stand would earn the plaudits of Montgomery Burns. Also supporting the proposition is consumer rights group, CalPIRG.

Image of our Governor in a Japanese TV commercial from Japander