Apparently the rest of the world wasn't satisfied with our "look at how small it is" defense for the iPod nano, as they've gone and made Apple admit to the screen defect, prompting "What went wrong?" articles from the major news sources and a dip in Apple's stock price. (Apart from the usual fluctuations in Apple's stock price, typically caused by butterflies flapping their wings and the coughing of babies.)

Here at SFist Tech Labs, we're just disappointed at the "one tenth of one percent" figure that Apple is claiming is the number of users with defective screens. It would've been much cooler marketing synergy to claim that the iPod nano's defect affects only one millionth of one percent. But then, we in the Labs are big fans of metric prefixes, which probably explains why the cool kids get to go to cell phone parties while we're stuck at home reading tech news websites.

So in honor of science and the metric system, we'll analyze the rest of this week's news stories to determine exactly how interesting they really are:

SFist Chuck, contributing.