SFist hit Mobilefocus at the Fairmont last night. Although a Casablanca theme seemed bizarre for a tech event the food and bevs were good and the booth bimbos were wearing belly dancer outfits, which we figure must appeal to the 18-35 male demographic that most the products were targeted at. We were prepared to declare the bar carved out of ice the highlight of the evening until we screwed up our courage and landed a modeling gig. A hand modeling gig. For Engadget!. Ok, it was unpaid, we have yet to see our picture on the site, and we did approach them. But we got to chat with Ryan Block from Engadget about how confusing the keyboard layout of the Sprint PPC-6700 running Windows Mobile is. Nerd bragging rights, eh?

The crowd was strictly fellow bloggers (they wear black, denim, and leather, with some corduroy to lighten up the look) and analysts (they’re roughly our demographic, but dress stuffier). Even thought it was a local media event the 'attending media' list doesn't include us, Engadget or Gizmodo. Being snubbed isn’t so bad when you’re in such good company.