Every time SFist hits Popscene we are struck with an overwhelming urge to cut our bangs. Last night we were mercifully spared this urge, which is a good thing, since soon our head is going to be a total comb-forward if the present rate of bang accrual continues unabated. Sure, there were the pretty pretty boys with hair way better than we’ll ever have.

As we struggled with thoughts that maybe this was what maturity is -- recognizing that we’ll never be that put together, and frankly we never want to be -- something slowly dawned on us. High school hair (long, no bangs) on the girls, and wife-beaters on the guys clued us in. We were among the newest crop of college freshmen. In droves! They were out celebrating the new found freedom of collegiate life.

A performance by Stellastar* (there, we typed the silly asterisk in their name, we’re never doing it again) and a DJ set byBloc Party were the motivations for hitting Popscene. Stellastar did a nice set of their anthem type Brit Pop that got a few heads bobbing, but mainly it just seemed to be a clue to the freshmen that it was time to start making out (it’s going to be JUST like senior year, only better).

Although Stellastar’s new album was released a few weeks ago, the band made a smart decision to play mainly their older, more danceable tunes. Even the appearance of Bloc Party’s drummer and base player did little to get the crowd to actually dance. Once again, the youth of today make us worry that there is no hope for the future. Dance monkeys, Dance!