Did you look up the other day and see that big Green R rotating slowly in the sky? That's the Mirkarimi-signal! To the Ross-cave! We'll take the Prius-mobile!

Remember when District 5 supervisor Ross Mirkarimi stopped a robbery in progress a few months ago? Well, the Examiner reports today that our superhero supe is safening up the Haight yet again: on Sunday, Ross was enjoying the beautiful weather in his district with a walk in Buena Vista Park. Suddenly -- "help! help!" Ross and his friend raced down the hill and found a man in need of medical attention. Ross performed CPR as they waited for 911 -- and then Ross helped the EMTs get the man into the ambulance when it got there. The Examiner doesn't say how the victim's doing now, but notes, "There's no word on whether the man was a voter in District 5."

To be fair, the last time this happened, Ross seemed kind of embarrassed about the attention, asked people not to make him into some kind of "caped crusader," and said, "Anyone would do such a thing." Like Mariah Carey says, Maybe we'll name Ross the head of SF's Office of Emergency Services now!

the hero lies in yooooooooooou.