It was painful to watch. We knew this was an outsized match when we saw in ahead on the calendar. SF vs PHI. Crap. We knew. This is part of what being at the bottom reaps; sometimes you must face those stronger than you on your path when you are not ready for them. This is indisputable. And it hurt. Oh, did it hurt. The points kept coming, and your 49ers simply could not respond in kind.

Across the Bay, in Oakland, your Raiders were visited by one of their closest enemies, the Kansas City Chiefs. As expected, neither team could properly defend against the other. Yet, through this morass, the Raiders had opportunities to put KC away. Their own efforts -- and in one very important case, the referees' efforts -- prevented them from reaching their goal.

Adversity. All must face it. It's a question of what one does with it. The true test of a person is how they get up after being knocked down. And indeed, both of our Bay Area American football teams were knocked down this weekend.

By SFist Christopher Rogers, contributing