Don't worry. We're confused too. Let's just look at what tonight has to offer.

First off is NBC's "My Name is Earl," which premieres at 9 p.m. Despite Jason Lee's disturbing affiliation with Scientology, we still find him funny. And what we've seen of the show--in which a loser attempts to right the many wrongs he's committed in his life, of which there are many--looks promising, especially since it's another laugh-track-free, single-camera comedy. The preview felt like a mix between "Wonderfalls" and a Coen brothers movie. Yeah, maybe it felt a little TOO much like one particular Coen brothers movie. But since that happens to be one of our favorite Coen brothers movies, we're going to give the show a chance--at least until next week, when whiny families start to travel the globe and Geena Davis becomes president. For those with other viewing conflictions, Bravo will be airing reruns. At least for the first week or so.

Image of Busto with her picks for the day, from Hamster Time.