Wow, we're back. Thank you, kind readers of the 'fist, for your questions.

Reader Jungleone asks:

Tipping is always a hot button topic, particularly restaurant tipping (see this entry on mothership Gothamist, for example, the comments section of which guest stars the dude from Waiterrant [one of the best blogs out there, btw]). So we're going to try to speak in general terms here, rather than a strict rule.

While wait staff at a restaurant typically are paid less than minimum wage, owing to the tipping system, delivery folks typically pull an hourly wage of at least minimum wage, if not a bit more. So rather than think about it on a percentage basis, we tend to think about it on a fee basis. Our base line is $2-$3 bucks for a typical delivery, $1-$2 more if the order is particularly large, and $1-$2 more for distance (like if you are out of the usual delivery area).

Taxis? We give at least 10%-15% of the fare, and never less than two bucks. Feel free to chime in with your opinions below.

SFist Asks You: Anyone have thoughts on tipping for carryout? Please let us know.

Frequent commenter George. (with a period) asks "Here's a question...what happen to "Ask Essefist?" Was that how it was spelled? Wait, that's 2 questions. Okay, just answer the first one then."

Hey, George. -- we're happy to answer both.

The launch of the Essefficist (proper spelling) coincided with the very beginning of our beloved SFist. For the better part of our first year, we were treated to a Q&A-style column. SFist Answers is the inheritor of that tradition, and we very much appreciate what went before.

The main impetus behind the simplified name? We're also the guy behind SFist's "Trimethyldioxypurist" feature, and we just can't see having two silly pseudonyms. One is more than enough; it helps with the carpal tunnel syndrome.

In any case, keep the questions coming, folks! We have a few in the pipeline, but we can always use more. Either e-mail us (replace the [AT] with the @ sign, of course), or, even better, leave it in the comments section.

i have questions. is there a rule of thumb (perhaps percentage-wise) on how much to tip restaurant delivery folk? And how about taxi drivers?