Mmmmmm! One letter repeated many times that describes a state of deliciousness. Hence, we had high hopes for the letter M. There are so many Bay Area eateries beginning with the alphabet's middle letter, which one would we choose?

A return trip to sumptuous Supper Club Mecca lacked the lustre and glamour of previous visits. It seemed overly expensive, the food was so-so and we were shocked speechless when the waiter told us that it was a better idea to keep our rosé chilled in an out-of-sight fridge than it would be to put it in an ice bucket at our table as we'd requested. Next we decided to try out Moshi Moshi on a Monday for their poetry mic night that we'd heard fun things about. Well, poetry might be a good way to draw the crowds to a sushi place on Mondays when the fish is less than stellar, but on our visit, there was none of the advertised verse on display. Not even a haiku. The fish was disappointing, and we'd rather remember Moshi Moshi on a good day instead.

With a couple of failed Ms under our belt, we decided no more messing, let's go straight for the top. And so we decided to test the reputed pinnacle of pie and the Best Pizza in America.