hey, listen up!
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Bonjour, superspies. You're our eyes and ears here at SFist (and occasionally other appendages, too, which we love), always vigilant and alerting us to what's up around town. Well, we need your observational help for a brand-new feature that we're about to launch, which hopefully nobody will notice is a localized ripoff of Overheard in New York.

We're calling it "Yvesdroppings," because "overheard" was taken several times over, and Gallic spelling is totally hip nowadays. You can guess what we need you to do: stick your ears into as much local dialogue as possible, and send us your eavesdropped snatches of conversation, your overheard mutterings, and your juicy listening-ins to the constant prattle of our city's ambient tone. Submissions can be left in this post's comments, or sent to yvesdroppings - at - gmail - dot - com. Keep your ears to the ground, or whatever the expression is, for worthy tidbits, and send them our way. We'll get your motors running with two yvesdropped tidbits that we caught the other day:

Girl holding mojito: "Why don't bowling alleys have better marketing? Do people even know that you can get alcohol there?"
--At Otis

Young Man:See you later!
Young Woman: Yeah! Good luck with your goiter!
--Office building on Harrison & 2nd