SFisting: What happens at Things in Rubbers?

TiR: I put everyday objects in condoms, take a picture and then post it to the site so people can laugh until they barf. So far there are over 100 things on the site, none of them could possibly be considered obscene. Some might consider the content absurd and the superlative of gross, but not obscene.

SFisting: Why do you put things in rubbers, and take photographs of them (the 'whygodwhy' question)?

TiR: I had a psych eval I was looking to fail. Acutally, I wondered if I could get my river barge of a foot in a condom. It worked and I immediately wanted to try more things. The food pictures were so gross I felt obligated to share them with the rest of humanity.

SFist Violet, contributing. Photo of a 2005 Burning Man ticket in a rubber from Things in Rubbers.