Our vulgar friend to the south, Defamer, points out why:

California needs a man of unshakeable faith, a man who’ll stand up to the drug companies, a man who will outfit those slackers in Sacramento with some smart, nautical-themed uniforms.

Plus, we'd have a first lady who doesn't look like skeletor! Okay, okay, this isn't ferreals. It's from a photoshop contest on Fark. Other nominees from Farkers include Christopher Walken (as a springboard to higher office?), Rob Reiner (actually not unlikely), two nominations for Cobra Commander, Carl Weathers ("We already elected the other three guys from Predator"), Gray Davis ("Looking better and better since 2003"), Pat Robertson ("Together, we'll assasinate the bitches"), Maria Shriver ("20 years of experience cleaning up after Arnold") and our favorite, Borat. Though he probably won't be getting Pamela Anderson's vote.