All day long, our colleagues at our day job have been asking why we look so nice today. Ignoring what this implies about our usual appearance, and marvelling at what a difference a shower makes, we have responded to these complimentary remarks with "It's Fashion Week! Duh!"

That's right, San Francisco Fashion Week opens tonight and runs through Sunday the 28th. Featuring scores of Spring 2006 collections, rad parties, intriguing workshops (check out Catwalk 101! How can you not want to go to that?), and shopping, SFist will be there for the whole shebang, from tonight's appearance of America's Next Top Model finalists to Sunday's Advanced Makeup. Well, maybe not the shebang.

The entire schedule of events can be found here, and ticket sales information is here. What better way to shake off the summer in San Francisco polar-fleece blues than by seeing what's coming next from some of the coolest kids around? So, TiVo "The Cut", hop in the shower (hey, it seems to be working for us), and we'll see you at the W and the Palace of Fine Arts Theater all this week, air kisses optional.