Bliss answered the question that most artist get all the time, “so, uh, what are you going to DO with that” by starting Blissen is an online boutique where you can buy things from Bliss and other crafty artists that share a similar aesthetic. Jill Bliss was kind enough to answer similarly pesky questions from SFist in the following interview:

How did you start blissen?
Blissen is a hobby that got out of control, really. When I lived in New York I began the site as a place to sell illustrated books and other little things I made on the side of my regular design and illustration work. As soon as I’d secured a spot at grad school, I moved back to San Francisco thinking I could just get some temp work in the interim. But that was at the end of 2001, no one was hiring! At the same time, I’d visit boutiques wearing one of the things I’d made, and sometimes they'd ask me to make more for their shop. And I also met other crafty makers and offered to put their things on my site as well. So blissen became my interim job before and during grad school, and now it competes equally for my time alongside the design and illustration work!

What are the best and worse things about running a business out of SF?
since I don't have the time or money for 'real' vacations, I love the ability to take the afternoon off on occasion and go to the presidio or some place else quintessentially San Francisco, or go up or down the coast for a quick getaway. The proximity to so many great places is ideal.

What is your very favorite product you've ever made?
The things I make are like kids: I love them all equally!