How did you get into puppet making?
Actually that’s an odd story. When living in Santa Cruz I used to come up to SF with my friend Caitlyn for good times. Occasionally this would include some lucky dumpster or street finds. Once we scoped a lower Haight public trash full of treasures including a pair of eyes from a ventriloquist dummy, and a book on experimental animation. I hid the eyes so they peeped out of my sleeve, and could control them to look in any direction. It spooked some folks..

Many people find puppets inherently creepy, why do you think that is?
Maybe because perverts are always carrying around creepy puppets in dark alleys! No but seriously, it’s probably the moving eyes that are most scary, because they can be so lifelike. A spirit could almost be living in that animated inanimate matter. Clay and foam want to live too.. Pee noo keey ohh.

What's your take on the San Francisco Art scene?
The SF 'Art scene’ is a total smorgasbord, or grab bag- you never know what you are going to get. There’s so much variety of type and context and quality, you are bound to find some great treasures and more to disappoint. I just tend to gravitate toward what grabs me and filter out the rest- it can be difficult to maintain an appetite with such an overabundance of taste offerings.

When is the next craft boutique you're involved with?
Thanks for askin’. I will be vending at the Whitney Young Carnival on Saturday August 13th, 12-6pm, at the Whitney Young Child Development Center at 100 Whitney Young Circle, San Francisco. I think you’ll have to use a web map to find that one. Anyhoo it’s a fundraiser for the center and should have a good variety of stuff. I will be selling my recycling art/jewelry and some puppet DVDs and comics too. Also later this fall I plan to organize a local recycling artist/designer fair, stay tuned.

Any advice for artists trying to make it here?
As an artist who is trying to make it (from day to day beyond) all I can say is chase your dreams and eat good food. If your art can put that on the table, then all the better.

Best public restroom in San Francisco:
Let’s say for now: It’s Tops!