So last week the Gavster announced this big, huge plan to build more housing, even low-cost housing. The point being, of course, the more housing the better, especially more low-cost housing, because the more housing you have, the less expensive housing will be. Gavin's idea is that with just the waving of the magic wand of better bureaucracy, the Department of Building Inspectors and the Planning Commission will have easier times allowing for more housing to be built.

Key to that goal is finally getting around to hiring full-time leaders of each department. The Examiner, however, reports that the Mayor is running into problems in looking for somebody to run both departments. The problem that they're having in finding candidates is because at the paltry salary of around $150,000, no candidate wants the job as it's not enough money to live here.

As Justin Timberlake would say if he were an -ist blogger-- "Cry Us a River."