We're so happy to see that the San Francisco Asian Film Festival has returned for yet another year. When we wrote about last year's festival, there was some doubt that the 8 year old festival would make it to age nine, at least in its home at 4 Star.

But another year has passed ant the 4 Star is still with us, BOS be praised. This year's SFAFF, which runs August 11-21 at the 4 Star and the Presidio, has has something for everyone, encompassing the genres of "sci-fi, horror, melodrama, bondage and obake."

Given the jeopardy the 4 Star was in this time last year, we see this not just as a chance to see some great movies from across Asia, but to celebrate the continued (tenuous) survival of one of San Francisco's few remaining locally owned and operated movie theaters. We fully expect to see all of you who have agonized over the closing of our local theaters to get out there and put your popcorn where your mouth is.