Oooooh, your Junkie to vote. We vote for everything: national elections, state elections, local elections, CNN QuickPolls, the SFGate Question, BizRate surveys about our Priceline experiences, those "How'd We Do?" cards where you rank things on a scale of 1 to 5 -- we are all about letting your voice be heard!

So of course we're totally psyched about the mock election the San Francisco Department of Elections is throwing! Get your franchised self down to the basement of City Hall on or before August 12 and help them test out their disability access polling machines! There's two types of touch screens, with breath-voting capability ("sip-puff" machines, they're called. Heh heh. Sip puff.), foot pedals, and audio aids.

So what are you voting for? Well, keeping it nonpartisan, the Dept. of Elections has selected the categories of: best flower, best animal, and best San Francisco attraction. Aw, come on!! Best flower? If you're voting in the mock election, you want to vote for something sexier than that! So.... in honor of the Dept. of Elections, SFist and your Political Junkie are rolling out our own mock election: Hottest SF Supervisor!!!!!

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