You know all our fancy, world-class, four star restaurants, and how difficult it is to get a reservation? You've got to plan months in advance -- both to book a table, and to save up the necessary ducats. Well, normally we like to keep our event listings fresh, but we've got a hot tip, and if you don't act now, you'll probably be s**t-out-of-luck...

Alder Yarrow over at Vinography is putting together another wine dinner night at Manresa for Thursday, September 22nd, called "Drink Small:"

For this dinner I have selected several small production wines from some of California's best boutique producers and have collaborated with Chef David Kinch to develop a special five-course menu to pair with the wines. As usual, I will be on hand to share stories about the wines and the folks that make them and you will be encouraged to share your own stories as well.

It's a spendy $175 plus tax and tip per person, but that , and you've got plenty of time to save up the money. So call 408-354-4330 or go to the Manresa website to reserve your seat -- there are fewer than twenty left. If you don't have a date, make the reservation for two, anyway. We're sure you'll have a crush or three before September to invite!

Photo from the Alder and David's "Story Wine Dinner" in February.

includes the wine