SFist went to last Sunday's Giants game against the Marlins and discovered a few things. Like the unknown gem of Giants' food fare, the Sheboygan, a grease drenched, grilled to perfection brat that's totally unhealthy, totally greasy, and totally yum.

We also realized that in the midst of the dreariness of this season, all the hand-wringing about attendance might just not be necessary. Because on a beautiful, sunny, warm day, the ballpark was still packed to the rafters and you could feel what everyone else felt-- that on a day such as that, Pac Bell SBC Park is still one of the most beautiful places on God's green earth.

This week is an important week for the orange and black as next Sunday is the trading deadline (you can still make trades in August, but it's much more complicated and involves waiver wires and we have no idea what any of it means). The whole central dilemma of this season, whether a buyer or seller be, all comes down to what happens this week. The good news for the Giants is that they're playing in the worst division in baseball and the first-place Padres, currently mired in a seven game losing streak, are doing everything possible to throw the division away.

Image of pre-"Clash of the Titans" Laurence Olivier from Infospace.