We're never all that psyched to go to work, but it's a tiny bit more palatable when we don't have to pay to get there. That's why we'll be getting out of bed with an unusual spring in our step, as tomorrow marks 2005's first Spare The Air Day. According to this Chron piece, this means that almost all local transit providers (including BART and Muni) will offer free service from 4-9 a.m. Tuesday morning.

While we're excited to be $1.25 richer than we expected, this raises some troubling questions. Will we still be allowed to complain if service is bad tomorrow, even though our Mother told us that "it's so rude to bi**h about free s**t"? Can you get a transfer at 8:59 and use it the rest of the morning? Is this some evil Muni set-up, where in which transit cops end up gleefully ticketing us ("Spare the what? Are you kidding?") tomorrow?