Live food was all the rage two years ago. Everybody was oooh and aaah-ing at Roxanne, a haute cuisine place which did not cook its food. Everybody who could afford it, as the place was totally unaffordable and quite exclusive. For the rest of us, we would go to the Urban Forage for some gooey yummy raw-eos, some happy vegan cookies who never feared the oven.

We are not here to ironize about these now defunct places. How much mileage can you get out of a dead live restaurant anyway? Ok, the sex club/Urban Forage rumors might earn a few raw jokes. Still, there are still many opportunities to enjoy live food, as exemplified by SFist Sam's going to Alive or Gratitude.

But live food is not the exclusivity of vegan places: we've had live sea urchin at Hamano, and live baby abalone at Koo Sushi, which prompt us to quickly declare SFist's Food Face-Off #3: Battle Live Seafood.