You know, we really wish there was some place in San Francisco to go that was stylishly exclusive. Really, we'd go out more, but everytime we go to some club we're surrounded by -- gasp! -- people who aren't as exceptionally talented, handsome and rich as we are. Some place where we could sit back with a cocktail and chat with Gavin about how to make San Francisco more business friendly, and joke about how 'market rate' housing affordable -- you just need an interest free loan from Ann and Gordon! Oh, Gavin, you're so droll...we seem to have spilled our martini on Wilkes Bashford.

Well, our high-class prayers have been answered with the recent opening of Otis on Maiden Lane between Grant and Kearny. Jet-set society darlings Damon White and Joseph Latimore must have felt that the gap between rich and poor was finely wide enough here in San Francisco to open the space, which plans to be heavy with invite-only events. Which means that while waiting patiently for the Gavster to kick the homeless out of the city, you'll be able to avoid the people who buy their Isaac Mizrahi at Target, too! Oh, but wait, who's that disshevelled individual charging in with the pellet gun? Must have had his general assistance taken away while waiting for supportive housing. Either that, or there's something Fabian Basabe isn't telling us. Willie, when you're done mopping up that mess we made of Wilkes' suit, won't you grab us another drink, dahling? Gin, dry, one olive. Ta.

Photo of rich choads Alex Fisher and Patrick Herning at Otis by Drew Altizer from the Nob Hill Gazette.