But that's not the juicy bit of the story, oh no. Turns out, Fox Sports Bay Area wanted to cover the protest before the game but were told not to by Giants officials. Dissension is already forming amidst the ranks of Giants executives, however, as a long time Giants executive came by to offer his support and told the Crustacean Liberation Front to keep it up. He even offered them clues as to where find the mysteriously vanished crab costume. Inside the stadium, various booth workers and concessionaires also gave their support and told the leaders that they've been following what’s been going on. And they wanted t-shirts. Later on, while soaking up some rays and drinking some $6.00 beer (not to mention discovering that the bleachers don’t have WiFi) discussions on future tactics centered around monthly protests and organized boycotts. Maybe even guerrilla tactics, all to Free Crazy Crab. An alliance was formed with another, more militant, pro-Crazy Crab contingent, one so fanatical and devoted they once built a boat made to look like the Crab only to have it sink in the Cove a few minutes before the game.
Oh, the Crazy Crab revolution will be happening. What? Like Giants fans have anything else they have to look forward to this season.

Photos by SFist Jon.