We wrote about the City's crappy cable TV service a few weeks ago, so this news comes as no surprise. LOGO, which is owned and operated by MTV networks, will be available to DirectTV subscribers, and to those in the City who get their cable service through RCN. But not to Comcast subscribers. While MTV says they're hoping to cut a deal with Comcast, a spokesman for the company said there are no plans to add the channel to Comcast's digital line-up. The jerks.

Of course, there are two other gay cable channels already available to Comcast subscribers (three, if you count Bravo) Here! and Q Television. But those channels are not part of standard digital cable packages, and must be added on as premium channels, like HBO or Showtime. LOGO, where it is available, is not a premium channel, and shows up in the homes of cable subscribers whether they want it or not. We smell a metaphor in there.

If you think it's as ridiculous as we do that this channel isn't being offered to the majority of cable subscribers in the City, we suggest sending a bitchy email to Comcast. We want our Queer TV!