Interleague baseball concludes this weekend with yet another Giants/A's clash, this time at the House Al Destroyed. Frankly, all we can say is, well, umm, yawn. Seriously. At this point, interleague games are like some big sideshow tacked into the middle of a rich and exciting season, or at least everywhere else except for the Bay Area. It's like one of those "Buffy/Angel" Crossover Events in which one character appearing on the other's show served no real purpose other than to excite all the Buffy/Angel 'shippers out there. At least this time around, both teams aren't as much in free fall as they were a month ago. The A's have the third best record over the past month and have joined the chase in the American League West to not be in last place. The Giants, on the other hand, have appeared to have righted their ship and are now valiantly fighting to be a .500 team.

Pitching matchups are Foppert (0-0) vs. Blanton (3-6), Lowry vs. Haren, and Tomko vs. Harden on Sunday. And no, not one of those pitching matchups are even remotely as exciting as Pedro vs. The Yankees tonight in New York.