So best is back!!! And do we see..... a Kimberly Guilfoyle-Newsom- in the future?? Matier and Ross report that Gav and Kim went together to dinner at Enrico's and then out for drinks at the Tosca (where, you may recall, Harper's took those racy photos at the pool table -- oops, no, wait, is that Matty Gonzo???). It's so Elizabeth Burton-Burton-Taylor!

Gav slunk into Enrico's wearing a heavy coat (since it's been so cold around here lately) and a Yankees cap, gifted by Kim. Kimbers, who we assume is in town for the pit bull panel, was beaming throughout the meal with ex-Da Mayor Willie Brown and Stanlee Gatti, and Gav reportedly repeatedly referred to her as "my wife."

Wow, drink and dial really does work! Try it yourself!