Up to this point, this story's unremarkable. After all, that's what one does in a social setting, right? You make pleasant conversation, have a drink, move on. However, as opposed to saying something like "Nice to meet you -- now, here's to Citizen Kane!" our hair-pulling pal responded "You know, you don't have a Chinaman's chance in Hell of signing a contract."

This raises a lot of interesting questions for us, like, "Do Asian people have more problems in Hell than the rest of us?" "Does that guy really consider this an appropriate topic of conversation at a party?" and "Wait, really, what did that even mean?"

While most thinking people would find this remark offensive, it does not help that the blue-collar employee was accompanied by his Asian wife, who was deeply upset (though we're still not sure on the China/Hell connection -- is it maybe because you have to dig through Hell to get to China?). We can only imagine that this put a real damper on the party for them, and extend our sympathy.