Hometown team loyalty and keen insight into local's seasonal wardrobe? You may have noticed the Oakland pride creeping into new SFist contributor Jacob's posts. When he's not cyber heckling the Red Sox Jacob is in school. He seems to have spent an awful lot of time there.

Jacob Leland

Introduce yourself in one sentence
My name is Jacob, and I have been in school for 24 years.

Age and Occupation
28, lifetime learner.

Home Town

How long have you lived in the Bay Area and Where?
I grew up in Oakland. I went to high school in Lafayette and to college in Berkeley. Go Bears. I went to grad school someplace on the East coast, and now I live in the Mission.

BEST story EVER on SFist
The Sarah Daly interview. Awe, shucks!

BEST Picture on SFist
Tie: All the photos of food at the farmers' market. They make me hungry.

I wanted to be an SFist contributor because (besides the obvious fame and glory that would be mine):
I didn't spend enough time in front of my computer, or enough time thinking about baseball. Contributing to SFist has solved both those problems, and brought me obvious fame and glory.

You should read my SFist posts because
Sometimes they're funny. Also, when I attacked the Boston Red Sox, Boston fans and people from Boston, one of the Bostonist writers got my back in the comments.