There's an advantage to this -- if you don't like one page, just look to the next for something completely different. But it's also a little numbing after a while; how many times can you inspect a sprinkling of cute stickers, a vague mantra, and a photograph of exposed flesh? Um, don't answer that. But SBFM is young and evolving, and seems to be toying with actual features, such as diary entries from a boy in a mental hospital, and an interview with SF's drag treasure Juanita More. And we love the careless, Peaches-Christ-ish trashy/glam aesthetic to which SBFM aspires. We remember when Instinct Magazine looked poised to challenge the whiney/trendy pap of gay publishing trendsetters like the tedious Out Magazine. So now that Instinct's become trendy and vanilla itself, it's nice to have alternatives like SBFM and the surprisingly literate Butt Magazine.

Scum Bag Fag Mag's not available locally yet, but their editor-in-chief is moving to SF in two weeks and is sure to be kicking some local bookstores' asses until they carry it. In the meantime, excerpts are available on the website, and they're also seeking submissions, if you think you're edgy and spazzy enough.