For those looking to party all night long, Threshing Floor Productions and The Hub at the JCCSF, along with the Progressive Jewish Alliance Present, DAWN, The 2nd Annual Arts Event Inspired by the Jewish Harvest Holiday of Shavuot. The event starts at 8 PM Sunday night at Club Six and features "Live music, performances, films and discussions with writers, remix artists and legends." They include "legendary Moog organ player" Gershon Kingsley (we always thought that was Rick Wakeman), the Rondo Brothers with members of Handsome Boy Modeling School, the Broun Fellinis, John Schott (who will premiere his "all night guitar composition" which we certainly hope doesn't mean one long Jimmy Page "Dazed and Confused" guitar solo circa 1973), and others. Why go? Because nothing starts off the week better than going straight from the club to work.