In a striking turn of events, it seems that there are, in fact, paying jobs over at Bayosphere (shhhh, don't let the staff here at SFist know!). Here's the job description:

The right person deeply understands customer service as well or better than they understand how to attract attention to themselves. They can deal with newbie questions, delicate community issues, start-up conditions, and minor, local-celebrity status. And, they will still think this still sounds fun.

Duties include blogging stuff for the Bayosphere, linking anywhere, writing some headlines, participating in forums, and keeping the main pages fresh. Hopefully you have some ideas for cool ways to serve this community in formation. Send me a note with links to your work if you want to be considered for the positions.

Well, they definitely need the help, as the main page is, um, still the same as the last time we checked (though Dan's updating his blog, recently posting his prepared keynote address to the World Editors Forum in Seoul). In an effort to create "meta-buzz," prospective bloggers are asked to, well, blog about why they should be a Bayosphere blogger. We're torn -- should we apply, or just sit back and snark? We're leaning heavily toward the latter, but not ruling out the former.