"" by the Doobie Brothers played in the background as the governor confidently strode into a residential San Jose neighborhood to pave a pothole and attempt to get some positive press for his plans to use the new money he found in the budget for transportation. Well, it doesn't seem to have worked.

The San Jose Mercury News's coverage appears to be limited to commentary that the governor shouldn't wear white pants if he's going to be working with hot asphalt and tar. And the Chron did some digging of its own and found out: 1) DPT specifically dug a pothole earlier in an otherwise-well-graded street that morning so the governor could have something to fix (though "there was a crack" there before); 2) as one resident put it, "For paving the street, that's a lot of lighting," as the gov's crews set up klieg lights on the block; 3) the governor is billing the city of San Jose for the trouble he caused; and 4) despite the governor's best efforts to avoid protestors, they found him anyways, and started taunting his special election plans.

Here's the rest of the Doobie Brothers' lyrics:

Take this message to my brother
You will find him everywhere
Wherever people live together
Tied in poverty’s despair
You, telling me the things you’re gonna do for me
I ain’t blind and I don’t like what I think I see.

Photo by Karen T. Borchers of the Merc News

Takin' it to the streets, takin' it to the streets