After thirty-five years, Alameda County sheriff's investigators have finally closed the murder of Meredith Hunter at the Rolling Stones' Altamont concert 35 years ago. Apparently, they’ve been looking for the semi-mythical "second knifeman" for the past thirty-five years only to come up with nothing. Which just goes to show you that shouldn't necessarily base a murder investigation on the testimony of thousands of people on brown acid.

Altamont, of course, was the infamous concert held in December of '69 that our Boomer Overlords deem as the official "end of the 60's." The Stones, in maybe the greatest musical blunder since Elvis decided that doing nothing but making movies might be a good idea, decided to hold a free concert at the Altamont pass and hired the Hells Angels as security. For $500 worth of beer. As the Stones played "Under My Thumb," Hunter, whacked out on meth, drew a gun and was immediately stabbed by Hells Angel Alan Passaro, all of this recorded by the Maysles Brothers for what would become Gimme Shelter, a great rockumentary not only for it's depiction of a concert gone way awry, but for showing the Stones in all their bad-ass glory (seriously, if you ever wondered why people are spending way too much money to see a way, way, way over the hill band, check it out or give a listen to "Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out". Or, if you're into drug taking, groupie gang-banging roadies, we heartily recommend trying to get your hands on C----sucker Blues). The concert became infamous not just for Hunter's death, but for it's general feeling of bad vibes, man. One person drowned to death, several others were crushed by a car, a fat naked man ran wild through the crowd, and Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane was beat upon the head by pool stick wielding Hells Angels.

The much, much, much older Rolling Stones will play SBC Park on November 13 and 15. Tickets probably cost a whole lot.