According to the editor of Faith, The Bay Area's Lay Catholic Newsletter, "most Catholics, at one time or another or a good deal of the time, are greedy, lustful, selfish, unkind, boastful, lazy, covetous, unjust, and gluttinous (sic) -- not to mention faithless, deceitful, and yes, insensitive." Yikes. Um, you forgot "kvetchy." The point that they were trying to make was that it isn't hypocritical for the church to forbid contraception even though many Catholics use it, since Catholics do of things that the church forbids. So, um, the argument seems to be that the Catholic church isn't hypocritical, but Catholic people are. Well put, Captain Editor.

Just for the record, we're no experts when it comes to Catholics, but we can't imagine that assessment could possibly be accurate. We know Catholics; we like Catholics; in fact, we're dating a partially-lapsed Catholic who reverently brought us to our first-ever Xmas mass not long ago. Catholics, we believe, are capable of being very lovely people, and generally are. It's just that some of them, well, sometimes they say stuff like, "Our degenerate culture has seduced much of the Church," next to a picture of a burning stick of dynamite. Eep.

After the jump: angry letters, some faith-based lying about the homogays, and a lawyer promising to "protect you from 'Terry Schiavo Syndrome.'" What a relief! And hey, didn't something just recently happen in the Catholic church -- something sort of significant, possibly involving its leadership, or whatever? Hm, no mention of anything like that in this month's Faith; we guess we must've imagined it.