Wiley is a 10-year old Belgian Malinois/Greyhound mix and weighs about 70 pounds. Wiley was surrendered to the shelter by the only owner he'd ever known and it's been a difficult adjustment for him. He has separation anxiety and needs to be in a home where he'll have steady companionship. He is taking an inexpensive anti-anxiety medication and will probably need to take it indefinitely. This spry senior loves to take long walks and is energetic for his age. After a long walk Wiley likes to go home and snooze on the couch. Wiley's priorities in life are companionship, walks, socializing with other dogs, naps and affection. His dislikes are UPS delivery people and being left alone. As long as Wiley gets his daily dose of exercise he is quiet, gentle, and calm in the house, but alerts to noise and is an excellent watch dog. Wiley is aloof with people that he doesn't know but warms up quickly once he knows you. Wiley must be in an adults-only, dog savvy home that is committed to helping him recover from the ordeal of being abandoned.

To learn more about Wiley and Grateful Dogs rescue, see their site.

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