The line snaked down to Albion Street for the teensy Little Roxie theater's screening of Canadian film ScaredSacred for DocFest, filled with an odd mix of earnest well-scrubbed management consultants with expensive handbags, and less well-scrubbed but just as earnest Global Exchangers and their expensive Guatemalan backpacks. Inside the theater, we sat next to a woman demonstrating some dramatic move she'd learned in yoga involving thrusting her wide-spread legs up in the air to the giggled mortification of her companions, while the man behind us intoned in reaction, "Nothing breaks down the ego like yoga."

That's about as good an intro as you'll get for , by a filmmaker named Steve who calls himself "Velcrow Ripper." Mr. Ripper (who did the sound for The Corporation) set out in 1999 to film places on the earth associated with death, destruction, and hopelessness and see if he could find any beauty there. So he sets forth on a whirlwind tour of, among other places: Bhopal, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, New York on the week of 9/17/01, Hiroshima, and Israel/Palestine. As our companion noted, "This movie's going to be a real upper."

Some moving interviews and (okay, we're going to say it) kind of tedious voiceover, after the jump. Special bonus: the filmmaker screams like a girl when he gets shot at!