We just got a note that the Electronic Frontier Foundation has not only gotten a draft copy of the new PATRIOT Act, but they've published it online! Sure, Paul Krugman probably got this a week ago, and is probably sitting down over a caramel macchiato, chuckling about the New York Times charging people for the privelege of reading his columns online, and coming up with zingers that will slay -- just -- Bob Novak. But see, he doesn't go put the PDFs on the internets like our homies at the EFF. Mad props.

Download the bill and summary in their full, soporific, rights-curtailing, false-sense-of-security-enabling glory (we've mirrored the copies just in case) -- and they're license free as a government document, so feel free to remix!

Sunset Bill Summary

Sunset Bill Draft

Text of the press release after the jump.