Even though the Webbies award ceremony is moving to the East Coast this year, Bay Area-based websites cleaned house in the actual awards. A big liver-flavored rawhide with a ribbon on it to SFist Ted and his adorable Dogster, which runs and fetches the Webby Community award. Arf!

Other local winners, in both the webby and people's choice categories that we've selected completely randomly: Craig Newmark (Person of the Year), Flickr/Yahoo (breakout site of the year), BoingBoing (best blog), McSweeney's (writing), Google (design), Yahoo HotJobs (employment), PayPal (financial), Mother Jones (politics), CafePress (retail), and the Palo Alto high school newspaper (student), among many, many others. Complete list of winners and nominees here -- and congrats to all the winners! We can't wait to get the full report on Webbys host Rob Corddry from SFist Ted!