Luckily, Marco Fasolo from Italy’s Jennifer Gentle (on Sub Pop) couldn’t have been nicer about the persistent fuzz on the line. We caught up with Marco as the band was heading down to LA after a stint at Bottom of the hill, and an appearance at Amoeba. Even though Marco is definitely the most patient rocker we’ve encountered, we weren’t able to ask all the questions we would have liked. If the interview seems short, chalk it up to technical difficulties—we’ll spend more time with Jennifer Gentle next time they come to San Francisco.

If for some perverse reason, you want to recreate the actual interview, take the text below and paste it into Word. Now insert the phrases “Wait, I can’t hear you” and “Umm.. please repeat that” randomly throughout the interview, making sure at least one or the other (if not both) appear at least every two sentences. We’ve taken the liberty of cleaning up most of the interruptions for your reading pleasure.

Photo of Jennfier Gentle by Jennifer Gentle