We can't really explain why we get such a thrill out of seeing our beautiful town show up on prime time television, but we do. Maybe we're hoping to see someone we know wandering around in the background. Maybe we're just hoping to see ourselves wandering around in the background. Or maybe we just like to make fun of how TV chooses to depict San Francisco. Whatever the case may be, we can certainly admit to missing those "Nash Bridges" days, when parking on our block would be unavailable for eight hours a day just so that yellow 'Cuda could screech down the hill. Sure, "Charmed" and "Monk" are set in the City, but aside for some token establishing shots here and there, we all know Canada and Los Angeles don't look like SF!

But in all honesty, we'd even take that if it meant more storylines centered in the City. We know the majority of all the "CSIs" are shot in Los Angeles, no matter how many helicopter shots of their respective cities they show us to try and convince us otherwise. So give us our own "CSI!" Hell, we've even got the perfect chili-ng story for the pilot episode! Shoot us some relief from "Streets of San Francisco" re-runs (no matter how cool it is to see those 70s San Francisco streets) and launch another "Party of Five." Or how about the millennium's answer to "Too Close for Comfort," in which Monroe doesn't even pretend to be straight? Here's another idea: move one of those "Law & Order" spin-offs out of New York! Must we remind you of the awesome animal cops that patrol our fair City? That's an "L&O" spin-off if ever we heard one. And if Seattle can get its own Medical Drama, we just know San Francisco could too. (Anyone who's ever endured a trip to a San Francisco emergency room knows that there's no end to the drama offered there!)

OK..with that out of the way, locusts and mantises (manti?) after the jump!

Image of the Ramones at San Francisco's Reckless Records from Ian Harper's Rockometer site.