Electric Six are a rock band from Detroit who want you to enjoy yourself, whether that's through the guitar-heavy dance grooves they deliver, or through their laugh-out-loud lyrics. Don't get them wrong; they take their music seriously, they just don't take themselves too seriously. Click here to watch the irreverent video for their cover of Queen's "Radio Ga-Ga," featuring an (ahem) dead ringer for the late genius Freddie Mercury. Serious Queen fans may ruffle at the depiction, but it's worth a watch just to witness the concept of a pack of ghost poodles.

Electric Six are playing at The Independent on Wednesday night with VHS or Beta. You'll hear songs from their 2003 record Fire, which featured the singles "Gay Bar" and "High Voltage," and hopefully some songs off of their latest record, Senor Smoke, which is available now in the UK. We caught up with their intrepid singer Dick Valentine to ask him a few questions from the road.

Where are you answering these questions from?
Holiday Inn. Portland, Oregon.

Electric Six tours all over the world, and is surely used to some fine treatment in the UK and Europe. What's it like to be back in a van touring the States?
It is a blow to the ego.

How do San Francisco audiences stack up to those in other cities?
There are a lot more metrosexual guys. Also, there is the remote possibility Carlos Santana might be in the audience so we are always nervous.