Believe it or not, the comments made during the last hearing totally backfired on Joe as there was such an outcry made against them that it totally overwhelmed the debate over who was a better head of the Department. Afterwards, Aaron Peskin (whose wife, as a land-use attorney, has clashed repeatedly with O'Donoghue) introduced legislation in the Board of Supervisors condemning O'Donoghue for the comments against Lee and for a few innocent couplets he wrote in a poem posted on in which he made fun of Gavin for supposedly being gay. Mr. Honorable Mention himself issued a statement of protest against all the comments. Joe also lost support of his once BFF, Randy Shaw of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic and of, who back-pedaled recently and wrote that Lee would make a fine choice to head the department. That ticked off O'Donoghue who sent an e-mail out to supporters attacking Shaw. How significant is that? Well the whole Department of Building Inspectors was pretty much created by Shaw and O'Donoghue way back in '95 when they sponsored the proposition to create it. There goes Randy and Joe k-i-s-s-i-n-g.