So, say you're a major local publication, and you win a major award for work published in said publication. What else would one do but go out to one of EssEff's fancy local bar/restaurants, (we'll call it "Puccini"), to celebrate? (Hell, when wins a, never mind.)

Here's where it gets interesting. Say that one of the staffers of the major local publication (let's call her "Tara", in honor of Miss Reid, shall we?) gets a little too happy and starts dancing on "Puccini's" pool table. Now, if this was an SFist staffer, we'd get right up there and join her, but this publication sure ain't SFist, so instead an unnamed notorious union-busting new man in charge pulls poor "Tara" off the pool table by her hair.

Remember when we said it got interesting? Now this story tops itself, because the hair-pulling union-buster then approaches a fellow celebrant (and photographer from the aforementioned major local publication) who happened to capture the entire moment on film. "Is that a company camera?" he allegedly barked. It was not, much to his disappointment, as you can't confiscate something you have no right to...or can you?

Well, it's not "confiscation" if you offer the photographer $1000 for the shots, which he did. Sorry, pal, maybe a dirty bribe like that is how they bury things in Motown(for example), but your dirty fight tactics won't go away so easy in the EssEff.

(In a funny postscript, "Tara" reportedly sent a letter of apology to "Puccini", which has apparently framed the letter and displays it proudly.)

Remember folks, you heard it here first!