SFist needs to reveal some scary news to you all. We hope you're prepared. We can't say when this will happen, exactly, but all signs point to it.

Yup. The end is near.

Come on! How else can you explain a show like "Intervention", wherein addicts give permission for a camera crew to follow their desperate, sad, day-to-day lives, while unbeknownst to them, it's all leading up to a surprise intervention with family and friends in which they are told to get to rehab, or get out? And how else can you explain a reality show like that making it to the air--and actually being good?! Like, totally involving and can't-turn-the-channel engrossing?

Well, the end must be near.

Look! These people are getting their own show! Two of the most reprehensible people to ever enter the realm of reality TV are getting their own VH-1 series! But that's not the really scary part. The scary part is, we'll totally watch. We know it! We'll watch in the hopes that we will be witness to their complete and utter meltdown on national television. And who cares how wrong that sounds? We can't wait.

Image from NBC.